Type Pre-charge air pistol

Caliber 4,5 mm (.177")

Length Kite: 433 mm; Kite Young: 380 mm

Height 150 mm

Width 50 mm

Barrel length Kite: 240 mm; Kite Young: 190 mm

Barrel rifling 12 right-hand twist, pitch 450 mm

Length of sight line Kite: adjustable to 385, 365 or 345 mm; Kite Young: adjustable to 335, 315 or 295 mm

Sight Micrometric, sight width adjustable; interchangeable front sight (width 4 or 5 mm)

Trigger action Fully adjustable in terms of the trigger free travel and hammer release lengths; adjustable in terms of the weights of the the free travel (from 100 to 470 g) and the release (from 470 to 1000 g) separately; trigger length (max. range of 20 mm), inclination and rotation are all adjustable

Cylinder capacity Large cylinder: 280 shots (fitted as standard in Kite); medium: 225 shots (fitted as standard in Kite Young, accessory in Kite); small: 175 shots (accessory in Kite Young) Kinetic energy < 7,5 joule

Grip Anatomical adjustable, interchangeable, right and left-hand

Weight without cylinder Kite: 800 gr; Kite Young 750 gr